Only the best

Vintage Rare is located in Los Angeles, the world vintage apparel capital, where we source the highest grade of American vintage garments from all over the United States. We meticulously pick and grade over 35,000 Ibs of used clothing per week to find the very best of rare American Vintage.

Our standards are extremely high: we source and provide premium quality vintage clothing that has been hand-picked and triple-checked by our experienced staff who are trained to select only RARE and collectable vintage apparel. We take great care in grading each piece to describe the character flaws in each product description.

We spend a lot of time to properly prepare each piece of vintage merchandise listing accurate measurements, steaming, and thorough cleaning to ensure that whatever we ship is of the highest possible quality and condition.

Sustainable Fashion

Vintage Rare is proud to be part of the California Green Business Network. Green business is smart business. Every time you recycle vintage clothing you are making a positive environmental impact.